Reasons As To Why It Is A Good Idea To Make Use Of A Certified Yacht Broker

It doesnt matter if you are thinking of moving to a bigger yacht or if youre simply thinking of selling your boat, hiring a yacht brokerage firm can end up making things easy for you. When you decide to do it on your own, you may be asking yourself some questions like where to start looking, whether you Ill get the right price or the necessary paperwork that you will need to follow. With all those questions running through your head, hiring a yacht broker would be the best decision since he or she is going to take away all the stress that usually comes with the whole process. Other than working with someone who is experienced and qualified, below are some of the other reasons as to why it is a good idea to employ the services of a yacht broker.

They have the right expertise in marketing
Many private sellers only have a few sites that they can be able to make use of when listing. A yacht broker has the right amount of access that enables him or her to do a listing of your boat in a number of different sites. Once you have decided to list, your broker will go ahead to take advantage of their contacts to list your site in some different forums, private sites and also brokerage channels that will give your yacht a lot of exposure. By a broker ensuring that your boat is in some many different strategic locations, this will make sure that you are going to be able to find a buyer as soon as possible.

They have a lot of connections in the industry
Since yacht brokers are experts in this kind of field, then you should be sure that they have made many different connections in every selling process that they have undertaken. Depending on what you need to happen to your boat, a certified broker will know the best services to make use of that are within your locality. They are also going to be in the best position to find out what it is that other brokers have in the market as well as their prices.

They have the knowledge of what will make your yacht to sell
To be able to keep up with the market, a yacht broker is always studying the market and keeping an eye on any new trends that may come up. They also know the techniques to make use of to ensure that the buying process is going to be a fast one. They may also recommend upgrades and repairs to be done if need be which would increase the appearance of your yacht making it easy for the broker to sell it.

Rugby Betting

Whilst the rugby betting markets certainly don’t live up to that of football, tennis or NFL, they are on the up and have seen a decent amount of growth in recent years. Just taking the Rugby World Cup for example has seen an increase of over $100 million to be traded compared to the same tournament just eight years ago.

There’s no doubt that the pinnacle of the sport comes in the form of the World Cup. Similarly to football, it’s run every four years with the hosts being chosen by a ballot from a panel of top rugby executives. The betting markets for the World Cup are run like very few other sports. As there is no real prize money for the eventual winners, the ‘powers that be’ for each country are allowed to place wagers on their team with respected bookmakers. Obviously players and non playing staff members are strictly prohibited from betting on any of the matches, even if not involved, but the governing bodies see the opportunities as an insurance policy and reward for their teams success.

Whilst things like advertising and TV exposure will massively increase for the winning country and the majority of players alike, each rugby board often offer up a bonus incentive for their nation if they win. For example, England’s bonus pool is a reported $4.4 million which will be distributed between players and staff members. To cover these costs they place the wagers on their team winning the overall tournament to compensate due to the lack of prize money.

Rivalling that of the World Cup is that of the Tri Nations and the Six Nations which are tournaments that host northern and southern hemisphere teams respectively. The Six nations compromises of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and France and is the highlight of the northern hemisphere international scene. The Tri Nations include Australia, South Africa and New Zealand and will compromise of three of the strongest playing test nations in the world.

Domestically the Heineken Cup is one of the largest tournaments for teams around Europe. The standard is often high as the teams battle it out over a gruelling group stage schedule before playing down to the winner who will lift the prestigious award. Betting is usually rife with this competition as the margins between all the teams are often slim. It’s highly likely the majority of domestic rugby betting will come from the Heineken Cup.

Rugby Betting Sites

As rugby betting continues to grow online, more and more bookmakers are offering up comprehensive markets with a host of betting platforms. It’s for this reason that it really just comes down the betting bonus that you can get from each rugby betting site. At Online Bookmaker we offer a range of betting sties all that each offers something a little different.

Rugby Betting Tips

Whilst in any form of betting there’s no such thing as a ‘sure thing’, but we take pride in our bets and have come up with a series of tips that you can apply to make your rugby betting experience a whole lot more profitable.

Check line ups – International games take up a big chunk of the domestic season with many teams being massively depleted as a result. The ‘bigger’ teams may have several players away meaning they are far from full strength compared to a ‘lesser’ team who may have few or none away, levelling the playing field up.

Take advantage of live betting – Rugby is a perfect sport to take advantage of live betting. The pace of the game makes it a good target to gain which team has the upper hand in the match and if the game is starting to swing at all. The live betting platforms are really growing on the rugby betting scene so you will even get competition for odds.

Use betting offers – As with any sport, it’s important to take advantage of as much free money as possible when betting. There are so many bookmakers with generous betting offers that betting without a bonus of some sort is burning money.

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